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ESPASIA Synergy Distribution Group is a Spanish company with an international outlook
that imports and exports gastronomic delicacies. Its objective is to get a good position for itself with the
products that are selected exclusively from consolidated well-known, prestigious and leading
companies in its sector for clients on the market.

Gastronomic Great Selection Products

The products marketed by ESPASIA are chosen by means of a selection process that
focuses on their origin, quality and authenticity. These gastronomic food products have
tremendous market appeal and they are very competitive, which makes it easier
to get a good positioning on the market.

The Value of  the Product

The values of this company are based on the quest for excellence and quality in the selection of each one of the gastronomic products that it represents and distributes. The origin of the raw materials, the production processes, the storage, the packaging and the resulting presentation at the point of sale are some of the factors that our specialised personnel evaluate during the selection process and when the ESPASIA products are incorporated into the catalogue.

«Our management begins with the selection of raw materials origins and ending with the positioning point most suitable for sale»

Moreover, ESPASIA includes the whole product management into its structure. Supplying private-label brands, coming up with the most suitable type of packaging, specific labelling, special editions and marketing products at professional trade fairs and final points of sale.
Operations that can only be carried out by a specialised group.


The market research department bases its work on the main international reports issued on consumer habits
and trends in the world of gastronomy. After analysing these reports, the strategy needed in each specific
case is drawn up to launch the most appropriate product at the point of sale using the ideal
distribution channel,
adapting it to the needs of the target market that we are aiming for.

Espasia The Market

The Experience

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ESPASIA is made up of professionals who have more than 20 years’ experience on the Asian market. This track record is absolutely essential when it comes to coordinating the work of the group, because it eliminates any logistic, language, legal and regulatory barriers associated with the destination country where the represented products are going to be sold.



A network made up of international contributors, market advisors and product opinion leaders (established chefs and restaurant owners in destination countries) is the most reliable tool available to gauge the mood of the market on a daily basis.



The group gets continual advice from lawyers and strategists (located in Asia) who specialise in registering trademarks and products on the Asian market. This strategic advantage is one of the distinguishing factors that endorse the business activities of ESPASIA.

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